Pelletti aims to fulfil the expectations and hopes of its members in the best way possible.

Guild room: Our guild room is located in LUT's 1st building (room 1224). It is the place where you can hang out with other guild members, play cards or PlayStation. In exchange for a coffee fee, you can drink coffee or tea while enjoying your time in our guild room. 

Weekly letter: you can get a weekly newsletter to your email, it has the latest events and news.

Overalls: You get the grey overalls after joining the guild. 

Events: The Guild of Environmental Technology plans and organizes parties, excursions, sports events and other events for its members. The guild arranges a lot of activities especially for first-year students called freshmen or fuksi in Finnish.

Excursions: Visits to different interesting companies (excursions) are an essential part of our activity as well.

Beer Bong -tables: You can borrow guild's beer bong tables for free!